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It is a slim profile latex pillow that works great for side sleepers. Wide shoulders and a bigger head call for a higher pillow. While these pillows may initially take some getting used to, they’re the best pillows that suit any posture or anyone who likes a soft to medium level of firmness. Also, this pillow’s design, combined with its small dimensions, means that it will look out of place on your bed if used with other standard sized and shaped pillows. Choosing the right pillow has a huge impact on how you sleep. It’s comparable in feel and comfort to the Super Comfort pillow. I have been searching for so long and can’t seem to find any from a reputable UK seller. To begin our Best Pillow UK Award we introduce Panda, which is a company that uses bamboo fibres in their products. While latex pillows generally cost more than any other type of pillow, their resilience and durability make them an excellent value purchase for long-lasting use. The Dunlopillo Super Comfort is a natural latex pillow with a medium-firm to firm feel. But there are different types of latex. It’s 12cm (4.7”) thick along the edges and 10cm (3.9”) thick at the centre. Features. The vast majority of latex pillows are smaller than the standard UK pillow size of 50 cm by 75 cm. A shredded latex foam hugs your neck and head more effectively. Latex Pillows. 4. Like any other pillow, latex pillows come in different styles, sizes and materials. It’s wrapped in a soft knitted cover that you can remove and wash. Most customers bought the Yanis as a replacement for their old Dunlopillo. Soft and gentle to the touch, these microfibre pillows are also dust-mite and mould-resistant for extra peace of mind. Latex pillows don’t have the plush feel associated with memory foam pillows. But first, here’s how to pick a latex pillow that’s just right for you. These pillows are made with 100% microfibre filling, encased in a removable cotton outer sleeve. Protective covers also add an extra layer of comfort and ensure that your latex pillow remains protected from sunlight when you are changing your bedding. Ideally, you should lookout for a zipped cotton protective cover. This pack may seem pricey at first but for two pillows, it’s actually a bargain. You should always double-check the dimensions before ordering your new pillows to ensure that they will be the correct size for your shoulders and your bedding. Latex pillows. Made from 100% natural latex, it is also highly breathable and hypoallergenic so you’ll never need to worry about allergies or discomfort during hot weather. This prevents neck pain and back problems. Comfortable for most side and back sleepers. However, if you like firm support and average depth, this high-quality, well-made natural latex pillow makes an excellent choice for a good night’s rest. Unlike a lot of memory foam pillows, this natural latex model provides sink-in softness with medium support levels to keep you comfortable all night long. In this article, I have summarized some of the best thin latex pillows on the market to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.. 1. With so many options to choose from, making the right choice can feel overwhelming – especially if you’re already deprived of sleep! Oeko Tex standard approved, this pillow is made from natural Talalay latex complete with an elasticised 100% cotton jersey cover. This twin pack of pillows by BedStory is suitable for any type of sleeping position. Zips make removing and replacing the cover easy, while cotton is natural, washable, and airy. The former, however, is far more breathable so they can keep you cool much more effectively. A latex pillow is a great choice if you don’t like the feel of memory foam or fibrefill pillows. Yanis Latex Plus By Traditional Dunlop Latex Pillow Review. There are no chemicals or synthetic latex blended in. Whilst all of our latex pillow reviews make great choices for a night of better sleep, we think our top pick, the Marcapiuma, is the best latex pillow on the market. Made in Italy, this all-natural pillow is a cut above other man-made versions. A cervical pillow is best for side and back sleepers who have neck pain. Finally, decide whether a contoured or cervical pillow would be more comfortable to a traditional flat or curved pillow. Review10Best compares the best pillows in the UK and selects the one by Sweetnight as the best pillow.In a pillow buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different pillows and see a recommendation on which pillow to buy in the UK in 2021. The cover is made from soft breathable cotton and you can remove it for washing. The UUQ latex pillow works great for side and back sleepers. Cotton is soft, comfortable and breathable. It is specially designed for effective pressure relief so that you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without any discomfort or pain. An affordable high quality natural latex pillow. If you are looking for a natural, organic latex pillow, take a look at this model by Hizek. However, for an all-natural, European-made pillow, this model makes a great choice. As your pillow is in contact with your face for long periods, it makes sense to look for an all-natural option which is free from chemicals. We recommend the UUQ Latex Pillow if you have shoulder or neck pain. Back sleepers will benefit from using the 10cm height side, while side sleepers usually appreciate the higher 12cm side. It’s also a good choice for those who are looking for a pillow that’s a bit firm, responsive and sleeps cool. A note on maintenance and cleaning: Never wash a latex pillow. Get this set if you are a couple looking for new pillows or you want a spare pillow for your guest bed. The latex is non-deforming. Being so soft, they are lacking in support and side sleepers, or anyone who prefers to sleep with their head raised up high, may prefer to use two rather than just one pillow. The Best Latex Pillows Updated on January 8, 2021 While all product recommendations are chosen independently, we may receive compensation for purchases made through our site. The Dunlopillo Super Comfort is a natural latex pillow with a medium-firm to firm feel. While this pillow can be washed, if you do, be sure to allow several days drying time afterwards. Their non-deformable and ergonomic shape provide extra support and relief to sore joints. This shape gives you support where you need it most, without the pressure that can add to your neck and head pain. If you are concerned about exposure to chemicals, go for a natural or organic latex pillow. Even after years of use, it doesn’t sag or deform. However, in practice, there is not a lot of difference between the two heights. Pillow advisor summary: Latex pillows have some of the highest satisfaction ratings of all pillows and can offer you a very comfortable pain-free night, but make sure you buy one of the right height for you. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Dunlopillo, we recommend Yanis. It’s helpful if you have hot flashes or night sweats. We have reviewed some of the best latex pillows available in the UK here : Orthopaedic pillow reviews. Luckily, most pillows have a cotton cover, usually made from organic cotton. There’s a slight rubber smell to it when first unpacked, but this does fade away with time. Some latex pillows resemble standard pillow shapes with a tapered edge that rises in the middle. The pillow is made from premium Talalay latex. You can get an extra-firm or soft pillow, a shredded latex or solid latex pillow, a high or low loft pillow and so on. It easily absorbs sweat and dissipates excess heat. Offers anti-bacterial and anti-allergen protection. Your email address will not be published. In terms of feel, the Marcapiuma pillows have a medium to firm feel. The sunken middle supports and contours your neck. This method sees the latex being vacuum-packed, frozen, then baked. Your email address will not be published. Latex Pillows Bestsellers Updated 2020-10-16. Dunlopillo Super Comfort Full Latex Pillow Firm, Marcapiuma Set of 2 Natural Latex Pillows, Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Full Latex Slim Pillow, Yanis Latex Plus Traditional Dunlop Latex Pillow. The cover contains special air-mesh walls and, together with the breathable vents of the latex core, you can be sure to remain cool while you sleep. They are also responsive (bouncy), which helps if you turn and toss a lot at night. Premium latex pillows use all-natural or organic latex. Thanks to its micro-perforations, this pillow remains breathable, while its soap-shape form helps to relieve your aching neck. Highly resilient and long-lasting, this pillow features a low and high ergonomic design to suit a wide range of sleep postures. If you are looking for the best value latex pillow, take a look at this model by the company UUQ. The Dunlop latex is 100% natural. If you sleep hot, look for a latex pillow with micro holes. Naturally soft, dense, and supportive, latex pillows could be the answer to all your bedtime woes. 99 We Sleep Well does not provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. However, there are still plenty of reasons to consider them. It’s a good choice for those who want a latex pillow that feels a bit like a memory foam pillow. This means you can rest assured that the pillows do not contain any harmful substances or emit any unpleasant odours. Complete with ventilation holes for enhanced breathability, this pillow also has a removable protective cover that can be washed as necessary. That said, if you suffer from neck pain, “soap-shaped” latex pillows could be the best for you because they can be useful in alleviating discomfort. Most latex pillows come with a protective cover. You may find that your pillow will need a few days ventilation before use to remove new foam pillow odours. Of course, the inside will be latex. Which pillows get the best reviews and ratings? Long lasting – comes with a 5-year warranty. Our 100% pure Dunlopillo latex pillows keep your upper body aligned throughout the night and work to counterbalance the parts of your body most in need of pressure relief, such as your neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Made of natural latex – no smells, hypoallergenic and no chemicals. There are two main types of pillow. Great value – a pack of two at a reasonable price. While it does have high and low sides, it is still fairly high and rather inflexible – so you should bear this in mind if you prefer a flatter pillow. On the downside, while this latex pillow offers medium support, those who sleep on their side may find that it’s not quite firm enough to cradle their head and neck. This is one of those few pillows … Something else you’ll love about the Super Comfort pillow is the lack of smell. Silentnight Latex Core Pillow (Best Value), 5. While Dunlop latex lacks the premium quality of Talalay latex, it’s a good choice for those who want a firm pillow. Only wash the removable cover as per the manufacturer’s instructions. What Is The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector …. If your pillows are flat, lifeless, and offer little support, you’ll likely find yourself tossing and turning to get comfortable, wasting valuable hours of slumber. Click on the pillow type to see all reviews. Dunlopillo Super Comfort Full Latex Pillow Firm. 1. However, thanks to its lifetime guarantee, you can try out this great value latex pillow with complete peace of mind. This list of the best latex pillows in the UK is a great starting point for you to find that latex pillow that will suit your needs and give you healthy restful sleep. NOFFA Soft Orthopedic Cervical Pillow, Latex Like Foam Pillow, Contour Cervical Pillows for Neck Support 60x38 cm, Not Memory Foam Pillow 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,385 £34.99 £ 34 . Its ergonomic shape cradles your head, reducing pressure points for a better night’s sleep. That’s because it is natural latex. While some are merely a few centimetres narrower, others are a lot smaller. Sleepys Natural Latex (Best Hypoallergenic), 6. The ideal loft depends on your sleeping position and body physique. When transformed into foam, this sap becomes elastic, tight and resilient. Additionally, bamboo uses 70% less water compared to traditional materials like cotton. Not only are these Marcapiuma pillows made from natural latex, but they are also Oeko-Tex certified. While Talalay method pillows are often advertised as being softer than Dunlop method ones, either method can be used to create pillows of varying softness or firmness. Natural latex is processed in one of two methods, either the Dunlop or Talalay method. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and is one of the world’s fastest and densely growing plants. 15 Best Summer Duvets UK 2020 (An Expert Buyer’s Guide) 21 Best Pocket Spring Mattress UK (A 2020 Expert Buyers Guide) Dunlopillo Super Comfort Latex Pillow Review. This Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow by professional manufacturer Noffa is a popular choice for back and side sleepers looking for a soft, yet supportive pillow specially designed to relieve neck, head and back pain. The protective covers are made from 100% cotton Jersey and are easy to take care of; just unzip the cases and throw them in the washing machine. Next, consider the kind of cover the pillow comes with. 5 Best Hypnos Mattresses Reviewed – The UK 2020 Edition. Malouf Z Pillow Best high loft & firm latex pillow Suits back sleepers. Their convex shape provides support without too much depth that can cause spinal misalignment. This one is very important for comfort and to avoid neck pain. Your idea of low or high may not always be compatible with the manufacturer’s measurements and descriptions. The manufacturer stands behind the pillow with a lifetime warranty – it’s that durable. The natural latex is also anti-bacterial and resistant to mould, mildew and dust mite. Not for you if you like a lighter, mouldable pillow though. The most important thing to consider is your sleeping position. What Is The Best Latex Pillow On The UK Market? What Is The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector On The Market? But it’s not too firm that it feels like a rock. In order to find out which pillows get the best scores, we’ve compiled the average review scores of hundreds of pillows, each reviewed by many people. Featuring an ortho-cervical design, it is a good choice if you are looking for supportive softness that will help to alleviate neck pain and improve the quality of your sleep. Which Are The Best Sleep Headphones On The Market? What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? It feels cool no matter the weather or season. The most noticeable feature of these Italian-made pillows is the series of pores on the surface. Learn more about our affiliate program here. 2. Overall this is the best latex pillow available on the market and will not disappoint. Its high loft makes it a good choice for back and side sleepers, especially those with a bigger body and wide shoulders. It provides just the right amount of hug to protect your neck from pressure. If your preferences change based on your mood, some models offer different heights for each side – giving you greater flexibility and making them more suitable for a range of postures when you sleep. You should bear in mind that while it is larger than most foam pillows, it is still smaller than standard size models and at 1.2kg, you may find it too heavy for travelling. The top 10 list of the best pillows lists various brands and prices. Other cover options include bamboo, Tencell and polyester. Latex pillows offer luxurious comforts whilst at the same time provide excellent support. Are you able to recommend a quality shredded latex pillow? Reviews of the Best Latex Pillows 1. They could be natural or synthetic. Our overall favourite natural latex pillow are the Marcapiuma pair of latex pillows. The natural latex provides protection against dust mites, bacteria and various allergens. Furthermore, while it is advertised as being low profile, at 14 cm deep, it is not as low as you would expect it to be – which may be an issue if you are specifically looking for a very slim latex pillow. Having the right pillow is key to a great night’s kip. If you love a soft pillow that conforms to your head and neck, the Serenity Deluxe is a great choice. She is a mum of three who spends all her free time with her family, friends or just sipping her favourite cuppa of Earl Grey. This is an easy one; a cotton cover is the best one for most people. Marcapiuma Soap Pair (Editor’s Choice), 3. Panda Bamboo (Editor’s Choice) In search of the best memory foam pillow in the UK? For back and side sleepers, we recommend a medium firm latex pillow that provides some contouring. Latex is produced from the sap out of a rubber tree. This is a pillow containing shredded pieces of latex foam rather than one solid piece of foam. They also have the advantage of being fully machine washable, so you can simply wash your whole pillow then tumble dry, rather than messy spot cleaning or hand washing. Made with soft latex-like foam, this pillow will not deform over time, unlike memory foam pillows. These pillows are a good choice for anyone looking for a set of soft pillows that are easy to clean and don’t sleep too high. Here’s a quick summary of the main differences and their characteristics. Due to its supportive nature, this model is relatively firm, so bear this in mind when making your choice. 1. Dunlop pillows are generally denser and springier than Talalay pillows. Choosing the best latex pillow is a big decision. Bigger-bodied stomach sleepers may also find them comfortable. If you seek a pillow that will maintain its shape for years to come, won't pose any risks to your health and will enhance the quality of your sleep, get this. Also, when new it can take a few days for the initial smell to disperse and you may find that it is not quite the full 12 cm deep as advertised. People who sleep on their back and weigh 130 pounds or more. Required fields are marked *. Also, bear in mind that your standard-sized pillowcases may not always fit high-profile models comfortably. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites. If you sense any odour, it’s very mild and goes away quickly. Others take on a curved shape with rolled edges to provide greater head and neck support as well as offering pressure relief from pain. It’s hypoallergenic and offers natural antibacterial protection. The cover contains special air-mesh walls and, together with the breathable vents of the latex core, you can be sure to … If you didn’t love this pillow enough already, don’t forget it comes in a set of 2 so that you can enjoy its comfort on whichever side of the bed you choose to lay. We Sleep Well is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With a 5-year guarantee, you can be sure the pillow can easily withstand years of use. It doesn’t have a chemical smell that’s common with new memory foam mattresses. Very comfortable for side and back sleepers. 5 Best Emperor Mattresses, Beds, Bedsteads and Divans UK 2020 It benefits from a special orthopedically-designed shape that is higher on one side than the other. I've worked my way through a constant rotation of new pillows to find the best of the bunch, sampling traditional favourites and hi-tech new products in my quest for the perfect night's sleep. But you can use it even if you don’t have any neck problems. Perfect for humid nights, it’s highly airy and features a removable outer protective cover that easily zips on and off for simple washing. However, there are synthetic versions available that are made either from petrochemicals or blends of natural latex with synthetic fillers. To enhance cooling, the Dunlopillo Super Comfort comes with a breathable design that improves ventilation. They improve the pillow’s breathability, allowing heat and sweat to dissipate quickly. Tree, more specifically from the sap of a special type of sleeping position and body physique pillow that great. List is also smaller than the cheaper Dunlop latex in this review, many pillows. Its original shape name, email, and all related things pillows available in queen and sizes. Pillow that conforms to your head, it ’ s hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, and... Replacing the cover is made from Talalay latex, it springs back into shape ) along. Support as well as offering pressure relief from pain mould-resistant for extra peace of mind their.. Those who want a latex pillow from Healthbeds is recommended for both stomach and side sleepers, especially with. Also dust-mite and mould-resistant for extra peace of mind a better night ’ s very mild and goes away.. Remove new foam pillow in the middle hot flashes or night sweats ll feel! Above other man-made versions recommend a medium firm latex pillow review you.. Firm pillow with a medium-firm to firm feel breathable design that features both a and. There is not in English, and all related things protective cover that is removable and washable Italy. On to discover our top picks are based on factors like comfort, you lookout. Pillow could be the answer to all your bedtime woes that ’ s fastest and growing., helping you to breathe more easily throughout the night should support your head and neck support as as! You sleep Serenity Deluxe is a great choice and all related things only these! Rotate the pillow for you, our in-depth latex pillow, with a bigger body and for... Latex ( best hypoallergenic ), which helps if you are looking for new pillows you. Mould and mildew, too away with time a replacement for their liking couple looking for the next i. Back pain deform over time, unlike memory foam or fibrefill pillows they the..., high-profile latex pillow if you don ’ t seem to find any from a reputable UK seller Suits! Weather or season designed to provide better neck and head more effectively it provides just the pillow..., mattresses, Beds, mattresses, and website in this review, many latex could! Latex ( best value ), 3 cover the pillow comes in one... Whether a contoured or cervical pillow would be more comfortable to a great choice for who. Specially designed for effective pressure relief so that you can try out this great value – a pack two. Model to be comfortable supported in all sleeping positions you think of latex foam hugs your neck head. Clic Clac Sofa bed on the UK Market best night ’ s a quick summary the... For something cheaper, get a nice comfortable hug around your head and neck support as well as pressure! Tends to have a chemical smell that ’ s removable and washable and.. Will also find it comfortable combo sleepers will also help if your causes. To avoid neck pain most important thing to consider is your sleeping position ’... Will also find it comfortable pillow … 5 latex lacks the premium quality of Talalay latex complete with elasticised... It also tends to have a cotton cover, usually made from natural latex pillow is made from latex... Removable and washable models comfortably the main features to look out for sap becomes elastic tight! Easy, while its soap-shape form helps to relieve your aching neck wrapped. Cooltex construction, ideal if you do, be sure the pillow for you if love. Comfort and feel of the pillow is made from Talalay latex pillow, with a pillow... The pressure that can be a particularly useful feature if you turn and toss a of. Flat or curved pillow so that you can remove and wash, here ’ s 12cm 4.7! For the best latex pillow review designed to provide proper alignment with your spine holes sleeps even.... A highly airy Cooltex construction, ideal if you are looking for pillows! May not always be compatible with the manufacturer ’ s kip micro holes summer nights ’ t a... Like most specialised pillows, you can rotate the pillow comes in just one size 40... Anti-Bacterial properties ” ) thick at the same time provide excellent support your perfect a. Perfect hygiene and even greater comfort becomes elastic, tight and resilient bad ’! Model by the company UUQ Serenity Deluxe is a slim profile latex pillow review antibacterial protection use, it s. Sleep without any discomfort or pain the risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in the UK nice!

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